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Use this form to register for Keiravtuni Shabbos #7 - פרשת אחרי-קדושים, י”ב-י”ד אייר תשע”ח - April 27 to 29, 2018.
For more info please call us at 347-460-9288 or email

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  • Cost Per Couple:   $1,090
  • Babysitting: ($250 Each)
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    Crib: ($50)
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    Terms And Conditions:
    When submitting your registration, your credit card will be charged the amount shown.
    Should there be any changes or additions to your registration, including babysitting, additional guests or services, the charge will be altered accordingly.

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    Kids: There are no children at this Weekend.
    Babysitting: For the convenience of guests joining us with babies (ages 0-18 months) we have hired an independent professional babysitting company.
    The fee is $250.00 per baby.
    Pre-registration is required at time of reservation.
    Only the babies that are pre-registered and paid in full will be accepted into the babysitting program. No on site babysitting registration is available.
    Babysitting services will be provided at the time of most lectures. There is no babysitting service during mealtimes.
    No babies will be allowed into the ballrooms during sessions - this will be strictly enforced.
    For registered babies, the babysitting coordinator will contact you directly with further details.
    Cribs: You may bring along your own crib / Pack N’ Play.
    If you would like to rent one from the hotel - the fee is $50.00 - please mark it on your reservation form.
    Cribs are available while supply lasts.

    Rooms: If you have any special requests please make sure to mark it by the comments section on your reservation form.
    Room Checkout: Keiravtuni Convention ends on Sunday lunchtime at 1:45 PM.
    Final check out from the Hotel is at 2:30 PM.
    PLEASE NOTE: You will have to be checked out of your room on Sunday by 11:00 AM. Program will continue in the ballrooms as scheduled.

Looking forward to sharing 3 days of inspiration, full spread meals, captivating lectures, beautiful Davening, singing and memories that will last you a lifetime.